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Providing you with the latest technology of GPS tethers and alcohol monitoring to all courts in all counties in Michigan. Our superior customer service and payment options makes us the best choice for you. Contact us today and experience the A.C.T. difference.

Featured trackers

BLUtag® GPS Ankle Monitor

Electronic Monitoring Device

All Country Tethers Monitor Device

The BLUtag® is a lightweight, versatile, one-piece, GPS/cellular ankle-worn electronic monitoring bracelet.

  • Enhanced GPS reception for faster location acquisition and more accurate indoor locations with fewer invalid location points
  • 50+ hours of battery life on a single charge
    75+ hours when using mobile charging device
  • DuraStrap™ houses dual fiber-optic cables that reduce the number of false tamper alerts dramatically
  • The DuraStrap™ is more secure and more comfortable to wear
All Country Tethers Monitor Device

ION™ AlcoholWatch™

Electronic Monitoring Device

ACT Alcohol Monitor Device Wrist Watch AlcoholWatch

The most difficult step is deciding to change. Your watch rebuilds trust and self confidence around alcohol to help make that change last.


  • Continuous Feedback
    Signals are logged continuously on the wristband and easily accessible through The AlcoholWatch™ App. Activate a new cartridge every two days and leave it on as you go about your activities!
  • Rebuild Trust
    Own your journey and share data easily with your smartphone to rebuild confidence and trust. The AlcoholWatch™ can help you improve self-awareness and reach your goals with honesty, humility, and accountability.
  • Discreet and Convenient
    The AlcoholWatch™ has a slim wristband and is comfortable enough to wear all day and night, without the need for a breath sample. The sensor is completely silent and makes absolutely no sound at all.
  • Worry-Free Monitoring
    Live stress-free, choose to wear The AlcoholWatch™ whenever you want. The AlcoholWatch™ is designed with comfort and ease in mind. With The AlcoholWatch™, you are in control.
ACT Alcohol Monitor Device Wrist Watch AlcoholWatch


Electronic Monitoring Device

Sober Track Sobriety Test Device

SoberTrack® provides extremely accurate breath-alcohol testing in real-time. Test results are delivered at the completion of the test, without having to wait for the enrollee to get home potentially hours later to transmit test results via a home-based cellular device.

SoberTrack is the state-of-the-art in mobile breath-alcohol concentration (BrAC) testing solutions and provides law enforcement and community corrections agencies with the ability to conduct scheduled and on-demand alcohol testing of enrollees—regardless of their location. This lightweight, handheld device comes with an array of standard features including:

  • GPS Tracking Capabilities
  • Facial Recognition Software
  • An Extremely Reliable Deep-Lung Fuel Sensor
  • Video Enabled High-Resolution Camera (with Automatic Flash)
Sober Track Sobriety Test Device
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