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Tethers Near Shelby Township

If your court is looking for a supplier of tethers near Shelby Township, go with the experts at A.C.T. & Monitoring. We are proud to supply high quality products to all courts in all counties of Michigan. We only supply trustworthy products, ensuring that our customers get the value for their money that they deserve. We offer tethers that can last for over two days on a single charge, and over 3 days when using a mobile charging device. Our dedicated customer service will help you choose the right tether for your needs, and we offer payment plans to make sure it’s affordable.

BLUtag® GPS Ankle Monitor Near Shelby Township

Right now, we’re featuring the BLUtag® GPS Ankle Monitor for our customers. It’s a tether near Shelby Township that has every benefit you need. It’s lightweight and comfortable because of the DuraStrap™, which also includes dual fiber optic cables to drastically reduce the number of false tampering alerts compared with the average ankle monitor. It lasts as many as 50 hours on a single charge, and over 75 hours when used with a mobile charging device. It’s versatile and all one-piece. Ask us about pricing today to see if this ankle monitor is right for your needs.

Reliable Drug Patches Near Shelby Township

Tethers aren’t our only product. In addition to tethers, we also sell drug patches near Shelby Township. Drug patches are a reliable and convenient method of drug testing. You put them on like a Band-Aid, and over the course of 10-14 days they collect sweat for testing. They can test for a variety of drugs. The methods that can be used to fool a urine drug test do not work against the drug patch. Plus, they are anti-tamper. If someone tampers with the drug patch or takes it off, a clear layer on it turns foggy, alerting you to the tampering.

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