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GPS Tethers Near St. Clair County

A.C.T & Monitoring offers the best GPS tethers near St. Clair County. Our GPS tethers are reliable, accurate, and versatile. We offer our products to all courts in all counties of Michigan. If your court needs a supplier for tethers, A.C.T & Monitoring can set you up with tethers that you can trust. Our GPS tethers last for days at a time on a single charge, and with a mobile charging unit they can last even longer. We offer unbeatable customer service and we offer payment plans as well for flexibility, so you can get the best tether without breaking the budget.

BLUtag® GPS Ankle Monitor Near St. Clair County

Our featured GPS tether near St. Clair County right now is the BLUtag® GPS Ankle Monitor. This ankle-worn monitor is lightweight, comfortable, one-piece, and versatile. On a single charge, it can last over 50 hours. With a mobile charging device, its battery life increases above 75 hours. The DuraStrap™ is not only comfortable, but it also reduces the number of false tamper alerts. This is due to its dual fiber optic cables which can tell a real tamper attempt from a false one with much higher accuracy. Plus, it has faster GPS location and fewer invalid location areas for more accurate tracking.

Drug Patches Near St. Clair County

Not only do we provide GPS tethers, but we also provide drug patches near St. Clair County. These drug patches stick on like a Band-Aid and they can be worn for 10-14 days. During this time, they collect and test sweat. They are waterproof and impossible to tamper without an alert. If they are tampered with, a clear layer turns foggy, alerting you to the fact that they have been taken off. It reliably tests for a range of different drugs. The strategies that can beat a urine test will not beat the drug patches, making them an effective drug testing tool.

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